Wisteria - female sexuality

Wisteria - female sexuality

Wisteria - Wisteria sinensis

This essence is for those of us who are shy of our sexuality, who are uncomfortable with expressing the sexual side of our nature or deny the existence of that part of ourselves.

  • Are you ready to explore your sexuality?
  • Have you been sexually abused?
  • Do you sometimes find having sex a chore?
  • Are you often unaware of your sexuality?

The Wisteria Essence Story

Like many woman I find it difficult to talk about sex. For me it is a private subject between me and the man I’m being intimate with and even then I find it difficult to talk about.

I wasn’t thinking about making an essence. I had recently got back in touch with an old lover and we’d been ‚chatting‘ on Facebook and somehow the subject had got onto fantasies. Anyway I had to go and look after my granny after a fall and when I arrived the wisteria was in full bloom. She has several very mature plants scrambling into the trees and over roofs and the scent was incredible and pervaded everything in a delicate but difficult to ignore sort of way.

While working in her garden, my mind wandering, I started thinking about sex and how much I missed it. It’s very rare that I spend any time at all thinking about it even if I’m being sexually active. I looked up wisteria essence and Ian White of Bush Flower essences says it’s for female sexuality. It was too much of a coincidence not to make an essence from it.

From personal experience I can definitely say that this essence does job!! This essence was made on a cloudy morning which I thought was very appropriate as female sexuality is often hiding- even our sexual organs are hidden in folds and crevices- but like the sun it’s always there somewhere waiting to shine.

Although this essence is primarily about female sexuality it can also be used by men to help them explore the receiving, vulnerable side of their sexuality.

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