Paarse Dovenetel - Red Henbit - Lamium purpureum

This dead nettle, belonging to the mint family (Labiatae), has small heart-shaped leaves at the upper part of a square stem forming a 4 sided pagoda with numerous tubular purple flowers hidden under the leaves. Positive transforming qualities: Strong earthly bonds and joy in physical activity. Gives clarity in chaotic activity; stimulating you to tidy up and put everything in order - very useful when you are moving house. Purifies one's energies providing a strong flow of earthy life force through the body, soul and spirit, flushing away confrontive situations. Red Henbit can also be applied topically for blockages in the wrists and other joints. Enables you to express yourself on the earth because of a stronger love for the earth. A positive catalyst which promotes love for your environment and a joyful life.

Paarse Dovenetel

Imbalance: For those who are stuck in chaos, disease or habits. Being unable to feel the vitality and happiness of life anymore, which is often caused by too much work or by disease. Not being able to grow and be who we really are. For when we are disconnected from earthly energies; when we are grumbling about the people in our environment or there is too much sharpness in our personal relationships. Only when the grumbling is gone can the person show his deep warmth and love again.

©Bram Zaalberg, 2012

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