Slaapmutsje - California Poppy - Eschscholzia Californica

The California Poppy essence helps you to bring trust in your heart and in your own feelings, and it makes you listen to your own heart. When the outer world, the world of action and the masculine energy become over-important, this golden poppy brings the feeling of support and warmth in your heart. It helps you to calm down, and gives the insight that you no longer need to look to the outside world to find what is important, but can find it in your inner world. It brings the rest and peace of inner knowing. Not looking for the superficial gold of fame and glory, but digging deep for the gold of inner wisdom. It is helpful when you are too much open for the ideas and thoughts of other people.


This essence is making the ancient, universal knowledge, available, to be found in the Akashic records and what lies in depths of your being. It gives you new insights and helps you integrate these new insights into your heart. The California Poppy also opens you to discovering information in the dream world and is very helpful in situations related to sleeping problems and addictions. It helps you to let go of worries associated with the outer world, establishing a balance with the importance of the inner. It also brings a balance between the light and the dark, fostering a spirituality integrated with the energy of mother earth.

©Bram Zaalberg, 2012

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