Stinkende Gouwe - Greater Celandine - Chelidónium május

The cherry on the cake; the finishing touch, making life better and more complete; promotes happy and fulfilling decisiveness. For awakening the inner king and coming together of the inner woman warrior with the inner man, and this for men and woman alike. Combining the right and left hemispheres of the brain, the masculine and feminine; excessive emotionality if purified and grounded. Improves relationships, especially when a wall has been built up between people. Through thoughtfulness to be able to purify your feeling life, with the result that the purity of your being becomes the basis of your existence. Helps in eliminating emotional poisons and anything that you no longer need or that makes you ill. Acceptance of your innermost self, oneness with the ground of your being, gets rid of dissatisfaction.

Stinkende Gouwe

©Bram Zaalberg, 2012

When you add up the qualities of the first four essences of the new times you end up at the new essence Earth-Creation. This essence is made of a power
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