Vogelmelk - Star of Bethlehem - Ornithogalum umbellatum

The first thing when you compare the Star of Bethlehem with other plants is its similarity to the Snowdrop. Both have exact the same colours green and white. The Star of Bethlehem has more to do with universal energy and will open only when the sun is shining brightly. Just as the flower opens in response to light and warmth, the flower essence opens you to your original strength and original connection with your Higher Self.


The Star of Bethlehem helps you to remain undisturbed by influences coming from your surroundings and reconnects you with your universal being. It starts by helping you clear away everything you have taken in, especially what you have drawn to yourself but is not essential for your being, and to clear away what is blocking your own unique flowering and the connection with your Higher Self. This can vary from viruses to sorrows, everything your have allowed in and which is not part of your original being, but has been accumulated throughout your life. They also disturb your connection with the light. Such disturbances prevent you from recovering and you stay blocked in your old pains and illness: feeling like a withered flower; low in strength, burnt out and exhausted; feeling weak and lacking energy. Star of Bethlehem opens you up to regenerating energies, so that you can recover your strength and be the centre of your life force. You do this all in your own good time, at your own speed and whenever you are ready for it. Star of Bethlehem allows you to go your own way more, refusing the influence of others. You find that listening to your Higher Self is the answer to all your problems. You make no concessions, listening to your Higher Self and whatever the situation you remain in contact with the Highest Universal Source and your own unique qualities. In this way, you are able to recover quickly in times of difficulty, are able to connect better with your own strength, are able to open up and reach a higher level of your self. It is a truly universal flower (essence) which makes you believe in your own beauty and makes you aware of the next level of higher energy.

©Bram Zaalberg, 2012

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