Oranjerode Strapharia – Stropharia aurantiaca - Redlead Roundhead

The Redlead Roundhead is a very rare mushroom originating in Australia and whose spores were carried to the Netherlands on the winds. This essence has to do with sadness connected to the feeling of not belonging on earth, with the result that you have been unable to manifest the fire/strength of your Higher Self. It helps you to stop crying over things and renews your connection with the earth. For being happy and contented, having few needs, being contented and having confidence in the universe. It helps you to stand up for yourself and brings your personality to the fore through your connection with your spiritual source. For becoming aware of why you do not feel happy on earth, being aware of the cause of your vulnerability and being able to let go of it through trust.

Oranjerode Stropharia


I let go of what is unimportant through the love of my heart.

I am bonded with the earth through the pleasure I have in others and through the enjoyment of life.

My soul opens itself up to love and remains open to the challenges of life.


Strength and care for yourself, abandoning patterns of doubt and seeking your way through the chaos of life. Re-establishing the bond with who you are and standing up for who you are. Insight into what is happening so that you may go on to understand that it is necessary for the next step in the development of your consciousness.

Helps with the clearing of emotions originating in past sorrow, from failed relationships and failed actions to more recent provocations.Taking life as it comes, having the insight of how to handle things so that don't fall into the same old behaviour pattern - a pattern of pain, stress, and sorrow. Finding your new path in this and with strength and courage, daring to go ahead without letting yourself be held back.


When tuning in to the mushroom old dizzy spells, which much resembled Ménière's disease, surfaced. This was an old problem, which I thought had been healed. Using the remedy quickly cleared it up.

©Bram Zaalberg, 2012

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