The Cell-energy is an energetic essence to empower and balance the cells. This essence reconnects the cells again with their original structure. This original structure is a source, the zero energy. This is the original starting point, the source from which everything emanates. Humans create from this source and create the universe with it. But humans give their own resonance to this energy, spiritual, as well as mental, emotional and on the physical level. When you go beyond this personal resonance, you come to the source, an infinite cell, that reflects in the cells of everything that lives. Because of all the personal influences, the cells loose their original structure and from this disturbance of the structure also the disturbance in the consciousness of people arises. The Cell-energy essence brings you back to the original frequency of the zero cell and it brings the inner cell of man/animal again in harmony with their original task on earth. Some experiences: start doing what fits you, scans so to say the cells and helps to solve blockages, brings you into your power and lets you stay on your own feet again. Beyond everything, back to the source and from there you charge yourself again and start finding your own way.

©Bram Zaalberg, 2012

When you add up the qualities of the first four essences of the new times you end up at the new essence Earth-Creation. This essence is made of a power
The Pear essence is made in a totally new way, without picking the flowers. When the pear blossoms were about to open, a glass bowl with water was put
This perennial sunflower works on the father principle, both in men and women. The essence lets you stand up for yourself, restores the connection with
The Redlead Roundhead is a very rare mushroom originating in Australia and whose spores were carried to the Netherlands on the winds. This essence has
is not a combination and not a flower essence, but it is a cosmic essence. This essence connects you with your natural earth being and with the stars.
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