Fruits of Love - Dendrobium alexandrae

This orchid has an unusual characteristic when the bud is developing. The buds seem to become fully grown, but then remain closed for several weeks, before finally opening. There is an air of expectancy, akin to that of a pregnant woman. The blooms open facing the earth, offering a gentle and exquisite fragrance. Dendrobium alexandrae grows in the highest branches in lowland forest in Papua New Guinea, often exposed to much more sunlight than most orchids would tolerate.

Fruits of Love

The essence has a strong impact on the root and sacral (2nd) chakras, as well as the heart chakra; there is also a reach into the Crown chakra and above. It is an essence of conception, and of nurturing the state of pregnancy, as well as overlighting the birth process. It acts in complimentary ways to the action of Purity of Soul in helping to clear further energetic pathways in the 2nd chakra relating to birth. It is also about bringing in our highest light, found in the top branches of our soul, so that we may fully incarnate our highest potential.

©Don Dennis, 2012

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