Songline - Paphiopedilum Honey


Songline conveys a song of Love. By helping to re-establish the halo of light over the crown chakra, it awakens one to the responsibility of sound and speech and assists in being true to oneself - an attunement to deep vows. Helps to grasp the concept of being whole and with the development of discernment and clairaudience. Connects to the sounds and choirs of the angelic realm.

©Don Dennis

Shadow Descent may be regarded as a cousin to Shadow Warrior (which botanically it is). Shadow Warrior is one of the most important essences in our line,
Has little response in the lower chakras, with its anchor point in the Heart Chakra, but it then rises to the 14th, 19th, 20th, 22nd Chakras. Amongst other
This is a profound and very significant essence to heal and release deeply-held sorrow of the soul. Many people carry a sense of abiding sadness in their
Soul Dancer enables one to see the joy and beauty in Life’s dance. Allows us to release the clown in us, to simply and more fully appreciate the natural
Acts in part as an emotional & energetic spam filter, enabling one to disregard some of the myriad demands on one’s attention, to create a self-protective
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