Winged Messenger - Bulbophyllum frostii

A very good essence to help you manifest your goals, and which brings joy to the heart yet is also grounding. Helps you to be awake and in the present moment with a sense of cheer and lightness. This essence wants you to straighten the spine, and not slouch, thus enabling the heart to be both strong and open. Feel the delight and excitement that you felt as a child once more, despite the trials and troubles the years may have brought your way. Having faced the challenges life brings, let us not be weighed down by their memory. Slip on these fairy-shoes, and step out with assurance into a brand new day, on to a path which is either new or at least renewed.

Winged Messenger

To some degree this essence presents a type of ‘litmus test’, relating to our inner journey and its expression in life. If we are on our deeper spiritual path, and living in accordance with that, one will feel joy when taking this essence. If there is any lack of harmony between the path and its outer manifestation, then the emotional response will be subdued, as the orchid helps one to realign within.

Bulbophyllum frostii is a specie found at about 1400 meters in evergreen forests in Vietnam, and was first described in 1926. It grows in the warm section of our greenhouse.

©Don Dennis

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