Celestial Siren - Dendrobium lawesii

The growth habit of this orchid species from SE Asia is remarkable: the long thin pseudobulb hangs down from a branch, held by its roots, and the blooms grow facing down to the earth. Yet the thin tube with nectar at its tip (the "nectary") grows back up towards the sky.

Celestial Siren

And so when we take this essence, there is almost always a pronounced postural change noted: the head tilts forward, and yet there comes a sense of energy moving back up through the head, arcing from the face through the brain and back up out the rear top of the head. This is then followed by a deep, lasting stillness of being. Negative flames of thought are snuffed out like little candles with a snuffer. There is a sense of the Higher Self calling one's soul to remember its deepest and highest potential, to reach towards the inner beauty of enlightenment, yet remaining calm, rooted and centered.

©Don Dennis, 2012

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