Hawthorne - Use all senses

Hawthorne - Zweigriffliger Weißdorn - Cratáegus laevigata

deciduous, upright, much branched, up to 5m tall shrub or small tree, leaves alternate, simple, up to 5cm long and 3cm wide, with many white flowers in corymbs, slightly unpleasant scent, fruit globose to ovoid to 1 cm in size, edible
Distribution: Europe
Flowering period: May, June


The essence:

Keywords: Deepening of the senses and the sensuality; expansion of the entire spectrum of sensory perception
Short description: helps with one-sided focus on one sensory channel, such as when you only believe what you see, but ignore other information that you get through hearing, touch, etc.
Chakras: Sacral- and Browchakra


Hawthorne is an essence that opens to new perspectives, experiences and adventures. The essence enhances the flair, improves the senses and works especially well in the sense of smell.

Hawthorne makes life more exciting, more colorful, but also in a sense, chaotic and difficult. One-sided orientation on „here: black, there: white“, „Here: good, there: evil“ does no longer just work - and there is no way back: he who has learned to read, can no longer pretend that he does not understand what has been written (without making a fool of himself).


Hawthorne can be helpful in combination with a anti trauma essence. Traumatic events, that cannot be dealt with, often result in a limited perception. Things one cannot cope with are wiped out from perception (negative hallucination = you do not see what is there), which makes life safe - but also a little boring. (Embrace the danger, it can make you feel alive)

©Dirk Albrodt

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