Zinnia - Childlike joy of life

Zinnia - Zinnie - Zinnia elegans

up to 1m high member of the daisy family, stiff, hairy stems, yellow tube and purple florets; as a garden plant also available in many other colors; loves clay soil
Distribution: Europe, North America
Flowering time: June to October


Keywords: smile, be cheerful; warmth
Short description: for people who are too serious, overly-intellectual; brings back the joy into one‘s life.
Chakra: Solar Chakra

The essence:

Zinnia is for people who take life too seriously, can‘t take a joke and look at the world with sober eyes. Life takes place in their head, not their (social) environment.

Often there are intellectuals, their logical and analytical skills are well developed at the expense of joy and spontaneity. Zinnia teaches that there is more than just the cool head, rules, order, reason and mathematics - what about no fantasy, fun and laughter of life?


Zinnia brings back the lost enjoyment of life, reminds one of the joy one experienced in childhood and links it to the here and now.

©Dirk Albrodt

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