Larger Bindweed - The second chance

Larger Bindweed - Zaunwinde - Calystegia sepium

up to 3 m long wind plant; loves wet, nutrient-rich soil and nitrogen; twining stems, alternate leaves; white, up to 6 cm long flowers in the axils.
Distribution: Europe, America
Flowering time: June to October

Larger Bindweed

: new beginnings, freedom of choice
Short description: helps to overcome habits and addictions, view problems as challenges, develop new perspectives.
Chakras: base and crown chakra
Acupuncture points: addiction and allergy points on the ear

Larger Bindweed

The essence:

The flower essence of Larger Bindweed stands for the light at the end of the tunnel, but for one that you are in a position to switch on yourself.

Larger Bindweed

No matter the kind of suffering Larger Bindweed brings courage, hope and the confidence to be abl to step out of the misery on your own. It prevents your from despair, giving up and meaningless vegetating without prospects
Larger Bindweed‘s main aim is to free one from dependency:

  • dependence on a partner, even if the relationship may be destructive,
  • depending on old habits, addiction to drugs and / or cults.

Addressed are dependencies that one can not solve although one knows about the necessity to do so. It‘s not about the Chestnut Bud (Chestnut Bud) typical inability to learn, but the perceived or actual inability to free oneself, despite insight into the harmfulness of the circumstances .

Larger Bindweed

Larger Bindweed brings the conceptual possibility of a new beginning, eliminates old beliefs, and then gives the strength to get through such a process and successfully finish it.

©Dirk Albrodt

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