Lady‘s Smock - The flowering of ancient knowledge

Lady‘s Smock -  Wiesenschaumkraut - Cardamine pratensis

30 - 60 cm tall cruciferous plant. Likes moist soil in meadows and deciduous forests. Stem leaves pinnatisect. White to pale blue or pink flowers in clusters.
Distribution: Europe
Flowering time: April

Lady's Smock

Keywords: archetypal knowledge, comprehensive perspective
Short Description: Contact with the ancestors, the own history and roots; helps to understand the sense of feelings, self-discovery.

Lady's Smock

The essence

Lady‘s Smock essence gives us access to an ancient, buried knowledge, so it is particularly suitable for the present. Many know how computers and commodity futures work, but forget to look at the clock to see if is already time to eat. They need a clock for this and do not feel it inside. The essence is recommended when you are not in touch with your natural biorhythms, know the Maldives, New York and Hongkong, but no source in the vicinity, if the water supply should be interrupted once.

Lady's Smock

Alienation from yourself and from nature is the field where Lady‘s Smock can be helpful. This essence makes your inner knowledge conscious, makes you aware of the ancestors, the earth, the sun and the moon and know and appreciate nature.

The one who wants to access the legacy of his ancestors, his great-grandparents and their great-grandparents, to learn what they already knew and really wants to know the original basics of the soul that we call archetypes, should try Lady‘s Smock.

©Dirk Albrodt

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