Wormwood - Authenticity

Wormwood - Wermut - Artemisia absinthium

up to 1.20 m high, perennial shrub from the daisy family, hairy silvery-gray leaves triply pinnatifid, rich flowering panicles with up to 4 mm broad, hemispherical, nodding flower heads
Distribution: Northern Hemisphere
Flowering time: July to September


Keywords: drop the pressure to adjust; true to yourself and to others; take off the  mask
Description: Helps all those uncertain and bewildered, who believe they need to act, because they feel unacceptable as they are; brings genuineness, sincerity and authenticity


The essence

Wormwood is the essence that opens your eyes: for yourself and your public image. Often we do not understand why we are rejected. We behave in a manner that causes resentment and distrust in others. Acting how we want to be seen and how we actually are, are two separate issues. Often good intentions lead to bad results, if others miss the authenticity.

It is up to us. We play the role we suspect makes us look good. Sure, everyone does, and also over longer periods of time. We do not want to let anyone notice that we are afraid. We do not want our boss to recognize what we really think of him. We fear disadvantages if we are what we are.


We have become so accustomed to playing the role we suspect others expect from us that we do not even notice that our mask pinches. Our smile could be interpreted as a snarl. Our kindness may look sneaky. The role does not show our real personality. More self-acceptance can lead to being able to appear more open, honest and authentic - without the deep split between the actually existing feeling and the mentally forced appearance. Trying to appear honest even when lying requires tremendous self-discipline and effort.

No wonder we feel stressed. When our true being and our appearance are fed from the same source, we just feel more real. Are credible, convincing, and more easily accepted.

The courage to take off the mask, to see ourselves as the person we really are without fear and say ‚yes‘ to ourselves, are Wormword‘s gifts. This flower essence shows us our true face, it helps to accept and stick to it and brings us into alignment with our true selves.

©Dirk Albrodt

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