White Deadnettle - The Joy to Serve

White Deadnettle - Weiße Taubnessel - Lamium album

A nettle-like member of the mint family without stinging hairs; grows in on paths, dumps and railway embankments; stems upright and square, white flowers with 5 to 8 in axillary  false whorls; leaves decussate, petiolate, crenate-serrate
Distribution: worldwide
Flowering time: April to October

White Dead-Nettle

: humility, learning to serve; selflessness
Short Description: for arrogant people who refuse menial jobs, are disgusted of and look  contemptuously down on people with low-paid jobs
Energy: Yin energy
Chakra: Basis Chakra

White Deadnettle

The essence

The energy of the White Dead Nettle is one of humility and modesty. It is suitable for haughty, proud people who make others feel their superiority. Often there are doers, active people full of vigor and energy, who set the world on fire, but derive their own superiority from it and seek out social contacts only among themselves.

White Dead Nettle

They deprive themselves of many important and instructive experiences, and instead just turn in a circle (or in their own districts). White Dead Nettle will open your eyes to the lower value, ie poorly paid work. It helps them to recognize the importance of the contribution that everyone makes, regardless of origin, educational level or the amount of his salary.

White Dead Nettle

White Dead Nettle teaches them to do things themselves, where before they delegated, teaches them respect for the helping professions. Arrogance and disrespect for people who help others and serve may make way for new appreciation.

©Dirk Albrodt

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