Forget-Me-Not - Empathy, commitment

Forget-Me-Not - Vergissmeinnicht - Myosotis sylvestries

20 - 40 cm high, erect or ascending plant; hairy, leaves ovate to lanceolate, calyx in the upper third split with protruding hair, blue crown with yellow center, flourishing often pink, about 6 mm diameter
Distribution: worldwide
Flowering time: May to July


Keywords: empathy, spiritual communication, recognize relationships
Short description: Helps with poor concentration, lack of spirituality and ignorance of inner bonds and connections
Chakra: Brow Chakra


The essence

Forget-Me-Not flower essence is helpful for all those who wander around aimlessly without finding or identifying the central theme of their lives and their relationships. If relationships are based on chance, you get emotionally confused while searching for insight, committed relationsship and liability, and finally involved in nothing but superficiality.


Forget-Me-Not allows us to provide other people real access to ourselves and to find as access to them as well. This essence makes us recognize harmonious emotional energy and make contact on a very special and spiritual level. It clarifies relationships on a karmic level and reveals the deeper meaning.

©Dirk Albrodt

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