Bird Cherry - Conflict Resolution Skills

Bird Cherry - Prunus padus

also known as Hackberry, is a species of cherry, native to northern Europe and northern Asia;deciduous small tree or large shrub, 8–16 m tall; white flowers in upright or hanging grapes, strong honey-like odor.
Distribution: northern hemisphere
Flowering time: April - June

Bird Cherry

Keywords: conflict resolution skills; familiar with strangers
Short Description: helps to come out of one‘s comfortzone and defense posture, instead learn how to cope with unfamiliar opinions, intentions, targets

Bird Cherry

The essence

Conflicts are part of human existence, we have to live with them, anytime, anywhere. Surprisingly, the conflict research is a sub-discipline of political science. That does hardly any justice to its importance. At last conflicts occur not only at the political level, but continuously and unabated in every conceivable area of life, beginning in childhood at home and still not ending in a nursing home. How much misery is caused by the inability to adequately deal with conflicts? And how little is invested in conflict studies - compared for example with the development of new weapons systems. Easy to see where the priority lies in society.

However struggling and quarreling means nothing other than conflict of interests. Trivial, unexceptional and inevitable, as soon as two people have to deal with each other. Now that we have to realize that the science of psychology has failed to develop a structural concept of conflict resolution perhaps we should take a look into the world of flowers. And here we find Bird Cherry.

Bird Cherry

Bird Cherry essence teaches to be flexible and open minded. It helps to accept the fact that someone else has a different opinion than I do, that he prioritizes and seeks other goals. Being different is normal. In Cologne, they say self-deprecating „Every fool is different.“ That is what makes life so exciting. However, it seems to trouble those who always prefer the known and controllable. They have no idea what they‘re missing.

Bird Cherry gets one out of the polarity, it takes one‘s fear of strangers and of one‘s own aggression, because it is normal and commonplace to be aggressive, too. Translate aggressive and you get „approaching“. It is oneself who defines someone approaching as strange, hostile, dangerous and respond automatically to this inner definition, not the fact that someone comes closer. We react to what we think is real, not the reality itself.

This essence helps you learn to listen to others and express yourself in such a way that the other does not become maneuvered into a defensive position immediately. Arguing is a normal thing. But reconciling is normal, too. It is wonderful to be able to do both. Bird Cherry can be a good teacher in this field.

©Dirk Albrodt

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