Marsh Marigold - Access the inner compass

Marsh Marigold - Sumpfdotterblume - Caltha palustris

15 - 50 cm high herbaceous perennial plant of the buttercup family; loves moisture, tolerates even flooding; leaves kidney-shaped and shiny; hollow stems; flowers yellow, 2–5 cm diameter, with 4-9 petal-like sepals, many yellow stamens
Distribution: Europe
Flowering time: March to May

Marsh Marigold

Keywords: clarity and guidance
Brief Description: helps to get in touch with your inner source, strength, inspiration; remain true to yourself; rediscover your original path in life, create your life yourself.
Chakra: Brow Chakra

Marsh Marigold

The essence

This flower essence is used for orientation, if you‘ve lost the thread of your life, no longer know how to go on, are lost or mired in something or bogged down in details. In such a situation there is a risk that you are being manipulated and abused. The contact with the inner voice and inner energy source has been lost - perhaps due to trauma, perhaps due to continuous stress.

Marsh Marigold

Without guidance, you do not know how to find a way out, and perhaps even give up hope for recovery. Marsh Marigold teaches that you can see certain things better from afar than when viewed up close. Imagine a painting that you can not see with you nose on its surface, while it becomes quite clear when you just make a step back. Thus helps the flower to take a little distance from the current problem or dilemma, and thereby recognize the big picture again.

Marsh Marigold

You can find the inner guidance again, no matter how you may call it: the meaning of life, the inner guide, the higher self, the inner truth, which helps to make decisions and remain true to oneself

©Dirk Albrodt

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