Snowdrop - Simplicity, innocence, joyful energy

Snowdrop - Schneeglöckchen - Galanthus nivalis

10 - 20 cm high, bulbous herbaceous plant in the family Amaryllidaceae; leaves linear, fleshy, blue-green, to 8 mm wide; flower on a thin stalk, 6 tepals, 3 white outside, 3 inner ones half as long with a green spot
Distribution: worldwide
Flowering time: February to March


Keywords: simplicity, innocence, new beginning
Brief description: Helps with hopelessness, feelings of depression and long-lasting pain
Energy: Yin energy
Chakras: Basis and Crown chakra
Acupuncture points: Governor 20, gallbladder 41


The essence

Snowdrop provides us with the strength and energy to free ourselves from all the hardship, pain and darkness after a long, hard winter (both figuratively and literally).


Snowdrop shows us the light at the end of the tunnel, helps to leave the old, burdening emotions behind us and brings us back into a state of childlike innocence full of confidence and cheerfulness. This gives us the opportunity for a fresh start. This essence allows you to get up again after you fell, be happy again, even when you thought you had forgotton how to laugh all over.

©Dirk Albrodt

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