Oxlip - Tap your full potential

Oxlip - Schlüsselblume - Primula elatior

15 - 30 cm tall, herbaceous perennial flowering plant in the genus Primula in deciduous and mixed forests; likes moist, nutrient- and calcium-rich soil; leaves oblong-ovate in rosette; light yellow flowers in clusters of 10-30 together on a single stem 10–30 cm tall, each flower 9–15 mm broad.
Distribution: Europe, Asia
Flowering time: March to May


Keywords: Find the solution of your problem in yourself
Brief Description: Releases self-doubt and anticipatory anxiety; brings confidence, optimism, when one feels inadequat, thinking „I‘m goofy, clumsy, ugly ...“
Chakras: Brow Chakra and Heart Chakra
Acupoint: Governor 20


The essence

This is a flower essence that can help you with feelings of inferiority. When you always feel inferior to others, tend to condemn yourself and are constantly looking for help. People of that type do not rely on their own abilities, because they attach little value to them. They do not rely on their intuition, because it seems to them as if others would know better, have more perspective and understanding.


Oxlip helps us to access the inner potential, it gives us the courage to try at least once. When things go wrong, what the hell, then yes, you still can ask others for advice and help. This special flower energy is for opening up our own inner wisdom.

Advice using the words „If I were in your place ...“ says nothing but what others in your position would do. It is totally hypothetical, because they will never be in your place and have no idea how it feels, looks, sounds and smells to be you.

But you must live your life the way it feels right for you, so it is of paramount importance to give the ‚internal compass‘ more attention than external suggestions. The solution to your problem already exists, it exists in yourself, so look for it inside and not outside.

©Dirk Albrodt

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