Blackthorn - Embrace the positive side of destruction

Blackthorn - Schlehe - Prunus spinosa

2 to 3 m tall shrub of the rose family, with long thorns, very hard wood, white flowers that appear before the leaves, prefers sunny locations in hedges and forest edges.
Distribution: Europe
Flowering time: March to May


Keywords: Endings, destructions and new beginnings
Brief description: Helps to make an end to repetitions and begin from scratch; remove the old and unnecessary;
Energie: Yang energy
Chakra: Basis, Solar Plexus and Crown Chakra


The essence

Blackthorn stands for the end (perhaps one with horror) instead of horror without end. It stands for the absolute beginning. Sometimes repair does no longer make sense, you have to throw away the old stuff and start over. It can cause pain and a feeling of emptiness, of having failed, having tried so hard to reach out for the wrong goal. It can feel like an amputation of a part of yourself, because it ultimately destroys a part of your life.

Blackthorn makes it brutal and with one blow. It helps you to assume the role of the villain and says loud and clear „stop“ and says goodbye to a destructive relationship, to a sickening job, a cherished habit. Blackthorn brings courage to act, even if it may cause pain to yourself or others.


This puts an end to wasting a lot of time hemming and hawing, guarding and cozying of all parties before even trying to go into action. Blackthorn makes a jump into the middle of the bush, cuts sensitive issues, old habits, clarifies the situation and survives bravely the wave of rejection, which can be the result of the action. Sometimes you have to destroy the old to make room for new things. The eggs must be destroyed, if you want the cake.

©Dirk Albrodt

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