Bistort - Inner Purification

Bistort - Schlangenknöterich - Polygonum bistorta

30-120 cm tall plant with upright stems; leaves oblong-ovate; root thick convoluted and serpentine; pink flowers in dense spikes; loves moisture and nutrient-rich soil.
Distribution: Europe
Flowering time: May - June


Keywords: transformation of the old into new
Brief description: Focus on one theme and its treatment, release old, unfinished business to clean the minds of resentful, restless, hateful impulses; radiation protection, scar treatment.
Chakras: Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra
Acupoint: Governor 20


The essence

The flower essence of Bistort can be taken over a longer period of time during which it enables you to process long simmering conflicts. This essence plays a controlling role in this proces, it makes sure that not too much past comes up at once, so that each topic can be treated undisturbed, before taking the next step in the development. The inner work is focused and effective.


Issues that this essence can help with can be deeply rooted in the soul and heart. Perhaps an injury cut deep into one‘s soul that you unconsciously decided rather to forget everything than trying to cope. Or maybe an injury one inflicted on others or at least felt a strong impulse to do so. Bistort is about aggression, meanness, malice, hatred. When you either forget everything like mentioned above or on the contrary can not forget and certainly not forgive, then Bistort should be the essence of choice.

In such cases the vibration of Bistort , bring back the inner balance. Once this is done, the internal housecleaning can begin. This essence cannot wipe out the scars of the soul, but make that they do no longer hurt.

©Dirk Albrodt

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