Red Poppy - Solve future issues now

Red Poppy - Roter Mohn - Papaver somniferum

Annual herbaceous plant, up to 1.5 meters high; slightly branched round stems; leaves 5-15 cm long; large flower bud 10-30mm on slender, hairy pedicels; open, hermaphroditic flowers with a diameter of 5-10 cm.
Flowering time: May to August
Distribution: originally Mediterranean, today Eurasia, North America

Red Poppy

Keywords: peace of mind, insight and knowledge, grounding and spirituality; decision making
Brief description: helps with conniption and loss of control; solve problems of the future by making the right choices now, find the right path.

The essence

The use of Red Poppy in its material form clouds our senses. It has long history of been used as a narcotic drug. Its essence however works in the opposite way: it clears the senses and enhances the perception. The essence is directly related to the heart.

Red Poppy

Red Poppy brings the visionary and sexual energies to the heart where they can unite. They are probably two of the strongest motivators in human evolution. When we want to make our decisions not only for the pure love and not from an illusionary perspective, but carry into effect what we really care for, then we can let us be guided by Red Poppy.

It helps to bring body and soul in balance in a stressful environment where everything is rapidly changing. When we feel we cannot cope with overwhelming influences around us it may be time to turn to the center, find harmony, peace and inner strength that will help us with everything that challenges ourselves and our nervous system. It is Red Poppy essences that can brings us the appropriate vibration.

©Dirk Albrodt

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