Red Foxglove – The liberated heart

Red Foxglove – Roter Fingerhut - Digitalis purpurea

up to 1.50 m tall herbaceous biennial or short lived perennial plant; spirally arranged, simple, 10-35 cm long and 5-12 cm broad leaves; purplish-red flowers in showy, terminal, elongated cluster, red dots on a white background inside
Distribution: Europe, America
Flowering time: June to August

Red Foxglove

Keywords: go beyond internal boundaries, overcome anxiety and feelings of tightness, heal the wounded heart
Brief Description: heals the wounds of the heart, eg caused by loss or abandonment, liberates the heart from the feeling of constriction or being pinched off
Chakra: Heart Chakra

Red Foxglove

The essence

Red Foxglove exempts from self- or externally-determined internal boundaries that manifest in the heart area as emotional tightness or opression. They can be triggered by loss of a loved one through death or the end of a relationship, but also by deceit, lies and intrigue. Has one‘s trust been abused by a close one, the result goes deeper than just disappointment. In affairs of the heart, our emotional center responds sensitively.

Symptoms of sadness and resignation, closing off, turning away from others, excluding any further opportunity to gain new confidence - all this serves one‘s own protection but yet it is directed against oneself. What we do not use - muscles, brain or emotions - will fade away. A heart that forbids love is in serious danger.

Red Foxglove

Red Foxglove can exceed internal limits. The essence expands the thinking (i.e. helps to recognize opportunities as such) into unexpected areas. When you are locked and isolated, the inner bonds can be unshackled. Only in this way we can reach new possibilities. Do not let defeats of the past ruin the future. And never let the pain of past dominate your current relationship. If find that difficult, perhaps you should give Red Foxglove a try.

©Dirk Albrodt

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