Rosemary - Bear Conflicts

Rosemary - Rosmarin - Rosmarinus officinalis

15 - 50 cm high woody, perennial herb; member of the mint family; fragrant, evergreen, needle-like leaves; loves nitrogen-containing base; white, pink, purple or deep blue flowers in small baskets.
Distribution: worldwide
Flowering time: June to October


Keywords: stand fast, masculine energy
Brief description: The conflict remedy; when you have internalized that you are weak and unable to fight, and therefore always have a tendency to escape, even if it turns out to be unnecessary in retrospect.
Energy: Yang energy
Chakras: Basis Chakra, to a lesser extent Brow and Crown Chakra
Acupoint: Governor 26
Meridian: Governor, gallbladder meridian


The essence

Rosemary helps to concentrate all forces in the here and now. This essence helps you to become the tough cookie, to fight back and win at last. Prevail in the sense of your own personality and goals, even if you are supposedly inferior and weak.

This flower can helps you to release a tendency to feelings of inferiority. Where previously the impulse to flee was always present, based on the believe not being able to bear conflicts, the essence promotes stability, brings about a new assessment of the situation as well as new confidence in yourself, your own forces, body and needs.


Rosemary can make you feel at home here on Earth, even though there are difficulties and problems sometimes. It protects you from fainting and feeling powerless. It helps to be fully present, energized and capable of acting.

©Dirk Albrodt

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