Calendula - Listen and Understand

Calendula - Ringelblume - Calendula officinalis

up to 50 cm high, resinous-smelling plant; stem upright, branched in the upper part; lanceolate leaves; bright orange flower heads individually at the tip of the stems, 2 - 5 cm in diameter.
Distribution: worldwide
Flowering time: April, May (northern hemisphere)


Keywords: Listening and understanding
Brief description: Learning to speak and listen; open your mind and heart, listen to the words not to their echo in your brain; express yourself clearly and unambiguously.
Chakras: Throat and Brow Chakra


The essence

Calendula essence helps us to understand the meaning of words, the central theme, the gist the content of what is said. It teaches how you can learn one step at a time, acoustic information always comes chronologically one sentence after the other(as opposed to visual information, that comes in an instant).

In order to understand what we hear, we need patience and the ability to adapt to the rate and rhythm of speech of our conversational partner. First we learn how to shut down the inner monologue that interferes with what is said. Then we can focus on what we really hear. Calendula makes us pay attention to the undertones and to everything that makes up the total information of what is said. I helps to capture the content of the words in a holistic sense, we do not let us deceive by the surface (eg flattering words, charming voice etc.).


This flower also enables us to express ourselves clearly and unambiguously. We do not have to beat around the bush, we can speak frankly about what we feel strongly about. Calendula improves communication in both aspects: say what you really think and hear what is really said.

The essence brings inner peace and understanding, it can be used for meditation, and it helps to say goodbye by enhancing the forgiveness and reconciliation processes and bringing unfinished business to a conclusion. Thus, it can also be of great benefit to the brink of death.

©Dirk Albrodt

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