Quince - Heart Support Is Decision Support

Quince - Quitte - Cydonia oblonga

4 to 6 m tall tree in the rose family; undemanding, but frost-sensitive; leaves alternate, simple, 6–11 cm long; white or pale pink flowers, produced in spring after the leaves, 8 cm across, with five petals
Distribution: Europe, Asia
Flowering period: May, June


Keywords: inner balance, decisiveness, determination, perseverance
Brief Description: balance polarities, appreciation of the weak as well as the strong parts of your personality; be able to see polarities not as mutually exclusive, but as complementary, learn to make decisions.
Energy: Yin energy
Meridian: Conception
Acupoint: Spleen 2


The essence

Much like Rosemary Quince is an essence that solves inner and outer conflicts. Both can also be type remedies. The Rosemary type apparently feels weak because he does not know his own strength. Quince however is for people who find themselves actually in a weak position. Weakened by internal dissension, inner conflict between two poles.

However, this does not mean that conflicts necessarily have to be lost because of this weakness. Since at this point the effect of Quince begins: on the one hand it provides you with fresh energy and also promotes an abundance of ideas, how this energy can be used most effectlively. Recognizing and forcing the individual needs does not involve the hurting of others, that would be the result of thinking in polarities (win - lose). Pursue common goals and exploring them the other hand, eliminates conflicts.


Who does not like controversy and quickly gives way can learn with the help of this flower essence to make his position clear nevertheless. If you do not feel strong enough to fight with strength, why not assert yourselve using charme and humor. Sometimes this will bring even better results and no one gets hurt.

At last Quince teaches to see polarities as complementary not a sopposites. Everybody wins.

©Dirk Albrodt

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