Morning Glory - The fresh start

Morning Glory - Prunkwinde - Ipomoea purpurea

Annual, up to 3m high climbing plantl; hairy stems; heart-shaped leaves; blue to purple or white, trumpet-shaped flowers, often with colored stripes, 3–6 cm diameter
Flowering time: July to October
Distribution: Originally Mexico, central America, today worldwide

Morning Glory

Keywords: inner peace, understanding and sense of purpose, a new beginning
Brief description: centers and brings inner stillness, relieves restlessness and nervousness, helps to recognize the order in chaos

Morning Glory

The essence

Indications of Morning Glory energy are over-arousal and nervousness, restlessness, insomnia, nervous tics and self-destructive habits. Mood swings, teeth grinding and nail biting can be such marks as well as unpredictability and volatility.

Such people lack focus, motivation and purpose in life. They are seeking, but their search is conducted through kicks, like coffee and cocaine provide. The tension under which they stand, does not drive them, but costs energy, hence the tendency to drugs and stimulants, without which they will quickly become lethargic.

Morning Glory

Morning Glory carries the energy to clean up your life, release the old, declutter your biography and  make room for the new. Morning Glory helps to let go of addictions, cleanses the body and gives him new strength and vitality. The essence teaches you to live intensely, but without the need for artificial aids.

The result is a new perspective that can be developed on the basis of inner peace and independence. One that can enhance motivation and perseverance without extra stimulants. Morning Glory takes one out of chaos and destruction, and makes a new beginning possible.

©Dirk Albrodt

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