Clary Sage - Let go the bad

Clary Sage - Muskatellersalbei - Salvia sclarea

biennial or short-lived herbaceous perennial in the genus Salvia; up to 1.2 m high, thick square stems covered in hairs; flowers in verticils, 2-6 flowers in each one, color from pale mauve to lilac or white
Distribution: native to the northern Mediterranean, northern hemisphere
Flowering Time: June, July

Clary Sage

Keywords: overcome the fear of emptiness
Brief description: helps to relax and access the inner resources; it purifies and centers and get rid of any mental garbage that prevents us from discovering the truth

Clary Sage

The essence

This essence is about letting go of the less good. What reason might there be for clinging to things that hinder, disrupt or even depress? Why does my mind repeat the insult? Why do I always think of the malignant counterpart, who bullies me all the time? Why can I not forget the painful experience?

It may be the fear of emptiness. Apparently my mind prefers to deal with negativity, as long as it only has something to deal with. Meditators can sing a song about it. You sit down, look at the white wall in front of you and think ... of nothing? That would be nice. Instead, shopping lists, discussions and projects already carried out party in my brain.

Clary Sage

Even the bad has something good: it keeps away the inner emptiness. Perhaps there is nothing at all inside of me! Nothing that could make me significant and important, nothing that supports my self-love, and maybe not even something that could make me lovable for others.

Clary Sage is an essence of purity and purification, one that teaches us to be empty. Without fear of silence and stillness. It allows us to experience that nothing happens - which purifies the heart and mind, improves senses and mindfulness. Clary Sage makes an end to inner chatter, desires and illusions, and helps us to be us who we are. And see what is the right way for us.

©Dirk Albrodt

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