Lungwort - Just do the unthinkable

Lungwort - Lungenblümchen - Pulmonaria officinalis

15 - 30 cm high member of the borage family; loves loose soil containing lime, occurs rarely, but always at the sites in large numbers; leaves at the base cordate or rounded, often mottled white; flowers in cymes, coloured from red to purple-blue.
Distribution: worldwide
Flowering time: March - April


Keywords: Why not do something unexpected
Brief description: makes you think the unthinkable, do the unexpected, even crazy, jump over your own shadow
Chakras: Basis and Crown chakra


The essence

Lungwort essence offers us the trump card or the joker, which everyone should have. The archetype of the Joker stands out when others are already at the end. As a man he is unconventional, not necessarily law-abiding, but clever, charming and smart, original and brimming with imaginative ideas. A windbag and a signpost at the same time.


The fact that this essence can make you ignore the limitations of thinking means also that you will have access to all areas of human existence, birth and death, suffering and pleasure - without prejudice, without bias. You can begin to realize what the essence of Lungwort can help you to achieve: wisdom, spontaneity, creativity.

Lungwort is the Joker, you will use,when nothing else can save you - except a brilliant trick, an unexpected happy ending or inside information from another world (another area).

©Dirk Albrodt

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