Lime - Belonging, community, meditation

Lime - Linde - Tilia platyphyllos

A deciduous, handsome tree up to 40 m high; trunk straight and in old trees very thick; young twigs greenish-red, velvety hairy; leaves serrate alternate, simple, sharp, symmetrical heart-shaped; small, fragrant, yellowish-white flowers, arranged in drooping, cymose clusters in groups of 3 to 4
Distribution: Europe
Flowering time: June


Keywords: Home, togetherness
Brief description: grounds when you feel alienated and isolated; strengthens your basis, makes you feel at home and find the center of your life back
Chakra: Basis Chakra


The essence

The lime tree can usually be found at the center of the village, it symbolizes the center. Here you will return when you are looking for a feeling of security and want to  have family and friends around. Lime is a symbol for the home, the place that makes you feel secure. From here you start your adventures in the outside world and here you always return.

On the archetypal level Lime stands for Hestia, the Greek goddess of the home and hearth (Vesta among the Romans). In a broader sense Hestia is the guardian of the temple and the everlasting fire in it. Hestia cares less about the people. Who might want to come, may come, whoever wants to stay away, may stay away - Hestia stokes the stove fire, even if people do not care.


Lime essence works in a similar way, it is unobtrusive, you have to approach it, if you will benefit from it. Then it gives you the security and safety you know from earlier childhood days. When we feel lonely and alone, have only few contacts and no joy, feel isolated and alienated, then try Lime. This essence lights the inner fire.

Lime is an excellent meditation essence.

©Dirk Albrodt

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