Little Orchid - Imagination, creativity and original problem-solving

Little Orchid - Kleines Knabenkraut - Orchis morio

8 to 40 cm high orchid native to grasslands and meadows, 4 to 12 red-purple flowers in spikes on angular stalks
Distribution: Europe
Flowering period: May, June

Little Orchid

Keywords: creativity, artistic expression, centering
Brief description: Helps with creative blockages, promotes creative problem solving, brings humility and pride
Energy: Yang energy
Chakras: Brow and Crown Chakra

Little Orchid

The essence

Little Orchid is the flower essence for imagination, creativity and artistic expression. It is indicated when you are completely blocked internally, which is referred to as writer‘s block. There is a feeling of emptiness or nothingness, that you do want to overcome but that does not make way no matter how much pressure you use.

Little Orchid

Little Orchid frees from the inner need for vain self-expression. Creative thoughts can occur regardless of the appreciation by others. This essence strengthens the artistic impulse in everyday life, too, so that one can come to solutions one would previously never have come up with. At the same time it frees from blocking vanity, the creative impulse can develop without having to serve the ego and this way being falsified.

©Dirk Albrodt

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