Cherry - Joy and happiness

Cherry - Kirsche - Prunus avium

15 to 25 m tall tree of the rose family; loves, nutrient-rich soils; leaves 5-15 cm long; white flowers in clusters, 5 petals, each 1-2 cm long.
Distribution: worldwide
Flowering time: April, May


Keywords: joy, love of life
Brief Description: helps to get up when you only can see the gray pages in everyday life, when lightness, easiness and enthusiasm are lost.
Chakra: Heart Chakra
Acupoint: Heart 3


The essence

Cherry is suitable for people who lead a head-oriented and dominated life. People who base their actions solely on criteria of reason and lose contact with the other aspects of life. When the enthusiasm is lost, you only live in your head but not the real world, the original fun of life has gone, you find happiness childish or silly and not appropriate for adult humans.


Cherry is the flower of lovers, it opens the heart and lets you feel it again, it brings the tingling back to life, teaches to laugh and cope with the ‚gray‘ everyday life with a light heart. Be here with all the senses and enjoy without judging.

If you have internally resigned and believe never being able to fall in love again, never again able to find a partner. If you experience numbness in the body, tension in the neck and solar plexus area, tension headaches and visual disturbances, Cherry should be the remedy of choice.

©Dirk Albrodt

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