Saint John‘s Wort - Inner safety

Saint John‘s Wort - Johanniskraut - Hypericum perforatum

30 - 60 cm high perennial herb with upright stems; bright yellow flowers,e up to 2.5 cm across, five petals, stamens tufted, translucent dots; frequent occurrence.
Distribution: Europe, America
Flowering time: June to October

Saint John's Wort

Keywords: safety, security, optimism
Brief description: helps with nagging uncertainty, fears about the future, insecurity, shyness, fear of the unknown, irritability, lack of confidence
Energy: Yang energy
Chakra: Solar Plexus Chakra
Acupoint: kidney 4

Saint John's Wort

The essence

St. John‘s Wort opens to solar energy. It is not, strictly speaking yang energy, but prepation for its absorption. The type of personality, that responds gratefully to this essence is rather timid and shy, in a problematic situation he does not succeed to mobilize his energy reserves. Uncertainty always triggers the stress pattern of tension and anxiety, whether the situation is really scary or not. Ignorance leads to fear.

Saint John's Wort

This flower essence helps to absorb male ‚energy, as, for example, mediated by the sun. Pale, shy people full of fear of the future are encouraged to look the uncertainty in the face.

St. John‘s Wort also helps with partnership problems, when you do not know the cause. It brings light into the dark and scary. It also helps bed wetting children safely through the night.

©Dirk Albrodt

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