Pomegranate - Female energy

Pomegranate - Granatapfel - Punica granatum

originally from Persia derived tree with leathery leaves and bright orange-red, slightly wrinkled flowers with many yellow stamens.
Distribution: Southern Europe, Southwest Asia, North America
Flowering time: May


Keywords: accept the feminine
Brief description: Helps to accept the feminine side of the personality, brings the inner female to life; usefull in identity crises of both women and men.
Energy: Yin energy
Acupuncture Meridian: Directing Vessel
Acupoint: uterus and Shenmen point in the ear


The essence

Pomegranate speaks to the female parts of the personality in each person. Not to accept them would mean having to face an inner imbalance, even inner conflict. Wholeness would be out of reach. Ignoring the inner female leads to problems of puberty, menstrual disorders and identity issues, both personally and socially.


Men who reject their female core, and regard passivity, softness and tenderness as weakness, will not be able to understand their partners. Perhaps they expect submission and can not get to the core of their relationship problems. Sometimes men are afraid of women stepping out of their cultural role. However only strong men do not have to, and you cannot be strong without your inner female.

Pomegranate flower essence teaches men and women how to become strong, complete and flexible. It helps to add the missing parts without any judgement.

©Dirk Albrodt

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