Spruce - The tenderness of men

Spruce - Fichte - Picea abies

evergreen tree, up to 50m high with a straight trunk and conical crown; branches usually hanging, in the upper part of the crown ascending; leaves needle-shaped, 1 - 2.5 cm long; male flowers when blooming red, female cones at first also reddish, female flowers only in the upper parts of the tree
Distribution: Northern Hemisphere
Flowering time: May to June


Keywords: serenity, purification, wisdom
Description: Helps with oversized selfishness, macho mentality, ruthlessness, compulsive behavior, lack of love
Chakra: Sacral Chakra


The essence

Spruce is like a grandfather, who you can tell the secrets yours parents would carpet you for. As the wise, old and loving grandfather protects and guarantees the inviolability of the grandchild, thus creating a haven of security, Spruce supports us with the gentle side of male power.


Spruce brings the male parts of the personality in harmony, creating along the way a slightly distanced and sometimes a bit ironic attitude towards oneself - even in situations where you used to be very stressed out and thought you had to overcome them by means of force, volume, and ruthlessness.

It is both the essence of choice for the little fat boy who is constantly teased on the playground, as for the adult macho, who mistakes brutality for masculinity, as well as for women, who are troubled by or hate their inner male.

If formative experiences with men have been very negative, this can lead to the rejection of men generally as of one‘s own inner male. If you do not want to give men any further break, it also means giving your own Yang energy none - just as little as yourself as a whole. Spruce flower essence gives you forgiveness and reconciliation, providing that you are internally ready for it of course (if in doubt combine with Willow).

©Dirk Albrodt

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