Marshmallow - Release your limitations

Marshmallow - Eibisch - Althaea officinalis

up to 1.50 m tall member of the Mallow family; usually unbranched stems; leaves covered with silky hair; flowers axillary or in panicles, petals white to pale pink, 5 cm in diameter
Distribution: Europe
Flowering time: July to September


Keywords: cross borders
Brief description: brings us the inner freedom to decide for ourselves; cross mental boundaries and drop hindering beliefs
Chakra: Sacral Chakra

The essence

„There are no limits for you - except for those you believe in.“ But the imaginary boundaries are often the strongest and the most difficult to overcome. Many date back to childhood influences, expectations that our parents projected on us, beliefs that we acquired from them.

Does our self-image serve ourselves and our highest good or only to maintain learned judgments no matter how absurd or outdated they are? Are we really weak, stupid, untalented, unathletic, equipped with two left hands - or do we just think we are?


Marshmallow helps us to venture to our limits, and yes, to cross them. This flower gives us the courage to try things that we suspected beyond our reach. It allows us to grow beyond ourselves and face challenges - instead of avoiding them because we supposed to fail anyway. Marshmallow lets us explore our options and explore them. This essence allows us to overcome the walls that only exist in our minds.

©Dirk Albrodt

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