Touch-Me-Not Balsam - Original trust

Touch-Me-Not Balsam - Echtes Springkraut - Impatiens noli-tangere

30 - 60 cm tall, annual herbaceous plant in the family Balsaminaceae; grows in the shadow in forests and forest edges; loves clay soil; leaves ovate and coarsely serrate; yellow flowers with red dots on the inside in racemose inflorescences in the leaf axils.
Distribution: Europe, Asia and North America
Flowering time: July, August

Touch-Me-Not Balsam

Keywords: basic trust
Brief description: helps to recognizing one‘s intrinsic value, to accept praise; teaches confidence and trust, enables to allow closeness.
Energy: Yin energy
Chakra: Solar Chakra
Acupuncture meridian: Spleen

Touch-Me-Not Balsam

The essence

Touch-Me-Not Balsam works on the inner conviction of deficiency - like all beliefs this onealso be stronger than reality, as when a partner of a love relationship complains to the other ‚Nobody loves me‘. The conviction can be so strong that even the obvious is hidden from consciousness.

If you can not bear love, praise and affection, because deep down inside there is a conviction, I‘m not worth it‘, because you might have had the experience in life, that one has to earn love and can not be loved for yourself - then this essence begins to dissolve the distrust. Distrust, which has a convincing, to suspect a cunning behind each compliment, the inner urge to give something in return behind every friendly gesture.

Touch-Me-Not Balsam
After the explosion of the seedpods

Touch-Me-Not Balsam teaches confidence, helps one to open up to others to find friends and partners. To stop responding with automatic tension when someone approaches. If you like to you can get involved, accept and enjoy being touched and tenderness without a guilty conscience or a sense of threat. You can look to the future knowing that getting all that is a human right: help, friendship and love.

©Dirk Albrodt

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