Christmas Rose - The beginning and the end - Now

Christmas Rose - Christrose - Helleborus niger

evergreen perennial flowering plant in the buttercup family, Ranunculaceae; it is poisonous;
dark, leathery, pedate leaves on 23–30 cm tall stems; white, occasionally pink flowers 9 cm across on short stems.
Flowering time: from midwinter to early spring
Distribution: mountainous areas in Switzerland, southern Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and northern Italy

Christmas Rose

Keywords: reflection, insight, peace, forgiveness
Short description: helps to live in peace with yourself and the world; teaches to understand, what happened, instead of having to regret it; helps to forgive

Christmas Rose

The essence

The special feature of this plant is its flowering time, Christmas. In some places it is also known as snow rose, the name is self-explanatory. Christmas Rose has something to do with development cycles and ends. In addition to Wild Apple and Copper Beech, perhaps one of the most important essences on aging and death.

This essence allows one to look back - without anger. You can see a pattern, which was invisible before - just as one does not recognize the subject of a painting with your nose pressed on it. One step back, and you see the picture. One drop of Christmas Rose, and you can see the path that you have followed so far without judging. It may have been good or wrong. Christmas Rose is the essence when it is high time to come to terms with yourselves.

Christmas Rose

Come back to yourself, understand yourself, forgive yourself the mistakes you made and see them as a splash of color to life, everything that is commonly summarized under the wisdom of old age, which is becomes accessible withoutnecessarily having to really be old.

After the flowering the petals of Christmas Rose color to a inconspicuous green of leaves. The essence works in both ways. It presents the wisdom of the old age and at the same time keeps the ability to look at things from a perspective that is meant to have been long lost. In short, the purity and innocence within yourself can be found and combined with a perspective that still has to come, this means closure and real peace peace with yourself. You are inside and outside the cycle at the same time.

©Dirk Albrodt

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