Wood Anemone - The unencumbered new beginning, the liberation

Wood Anemone - Buschwindröschen - Anemone nemorosa

to 25 cm high perennial herbaceous plant in the genus Anemone in the family Ranunculaceae; hand-shaped, ground leaf on the rootstock; white flowers 4 cm in diameter, six or seven tepals, many stamens
Distribution: Europe
Flowering time: March, April

Wood Anemone

Keywords: clean up the past, handle pending business, change old patterns of behavior
Description: Helps with long-lasting grief and frustration, which root very far in the past
Chakra: Brow Chakra

Wood Anemone

The essence

Wood Anemone works on old problems. Every problem accompanies us in life just as long as we have not solved it. This means that such a problem weighs heavily on the soul, affects confidence and self-confidence and will probably be defined as intractable at last. You feel doomed.

Taking the essence will not always lead to positive developments at first. It can also be quite painful, because it makes you recognize your own responsibility for the emergence of the problem. You can not continue to blame others for your misfortune. Such self-recognition process is not the pure pleasure. However, the reward in prospect justifies the confrontation with the unpleasant issue.

Wood Anemone

What is your task in this life? What do you need in order to mature to your innate perfection? Where do you block yourself and are your own worst enemy? Wood Anemone helps us to find the answers to such questions within ourselves.

This essence is a powerful cleanser of all that prevents us from living in the here and now, unencumbered by old stuff, free of old quarrels and old hurt, free from malice and inability to forgive.

©Dirk Albrodt

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