Pear - Security

Pear - Birne - Pyrus communis

up to 20m high tree in the Rosaceae family; prefers rich, loose soil; flowers in clusters of pure white, 5 petals, about 1.5 to 2.5 cm in length.
Distribution: native to central and eastern Europe and southwest Asia, nowadays worldwide
Flowering period: May, April


Keywords: Inner peace, motherhood
Brief description: brings inner peace in situations where you fear to lose control; inner balance, calmness; comforting, motherly bloom.
Energy: Yin energy
Chakras: Base and Sacral Chakra
Acupuncture points: Small Intestine 1, Gallbladder 21


The essence

Applicable in times of inner turmoil, emotional and / or physical crisis, also due to incessant brooding and worrying. Neural tension that can increase up to panic can indicate this essence.

Pear has a centering effect and provides people in need with protection and internal support. It soothes and relieves tension in the pelvic region.


But there is more to this flower essence. It is helpful with processing of mother issues. This means non-acceptance of one‘s own mother‘s role just as much as its exaggeration, eg if the mother as the one who brought life to the world, calls for infinite gratitude and obedience. There are more possible conflicts with mothers, for example, if the process of cutting the cord has not yet been completed in adults, because their mother might not let her child go and become independent.

Pear helps with mother-daughter conflict, while in case of mother-son conflict Rosemary would be recommended. Pear helps with trouble of the Yin kind.

©Dirk Albrodt

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