Stinging Nettle - Renewal of family and group

Stinging Nettle - Brennessel - Urtica dioica

to over 1 m high, perennial, dioecious plant; stems and leaves with stinging hairs, along with shorter hair; leaves oblong-cordate, usually about 5 cm long, serrated or rough; inflorescence pendulous, longer than petioles; fruit a lenticular nuts; grows on nitrate-rich soil
Distribution: worldwide
Flowering time: June to September

Stinging Nettle

Keywords: break-up of structures, disorientation, despair
Brief description: helps when the landmarks in your life are broken off; when someone dies or steps out or the family breaks apart; reorientation and adaptability; helps with the formation of new stable structures
Chakras: Base and Sacral Chakra

Stinging Nettle

The essence

Stinging Nettle is a community, group and family essence as well as one of change and reorientation. It is indicated when conflict and strife prevail and obstruct the look on similarities.

Stinging Nettle

When fighting and lamenting destroys the common ground, the time is right for this essence, because we go through a period of confusion and chaos. We need the inner strength, comfort and serenity, this essence can provide us with. It enables to bring order back into your thoughts and life. Break ups can heal, troubled emotions cool down, and you‘ll find a new way of cooperation on a higher level.

©Dirk Albrodt

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