Broad-leaved Orchid - Heal the inner male

Broad-leaved Orchid - Breitblättriges Knabenkraut - Dactylorhiza majalis

25 - 35 cm high orchid on fens and wet meadows; hollow stem; 3 - 8 dark spotted leaves, lower ones ovate to lanceolate and 6 - 18 cm long, upper ones increasingly smaller; 7 - forty purplish red blossoms in dense spikes
Distribution: Central Europe
Flowering period: May, June

Broad-leaved Orchid

Keywords: (Re-)Discover male self-esteem
Brief description: Helps to accept and act out male personality traits, to be able to stick to one‘s needs and feelings, including the ones of sexual nature, be fruitful and creative.
Energy: Yang energy
Chakras: Base, Sacral, Solar plexus and Heart Chakra
Acupuncture Meridian: Governor

Broad-leaved Orchid

The essence

This flower essence is especially indicated for men who deny their own maleness or can not deal with it appropriately. It‘s about men who have come to terms with mediocrity, and unobtrusiveness and can express not their actual capabilities. Apparently they have given up and resigned, but inwardly they are dissatisfied, condemn themselves, feel a great desire for self-fulfillment, but are hindered by fear and other emotional blockages. What remains is self-reproach, self-pity, but also impotent anger.

Men in such a situation find it difficult to accept any comfort, they fend off external assistance, assuming that would be another sign of their weakness. Such men tend to isolate themselves from others, their male self-esteem is destroyed.

Broad-leaved Orchid

Broad-leaved Orchid is able to transform a seemingly hopeless fate of in childhood or even later, humiliated, abused and mistreated boys. It helps to regain their true identity, brings creativity, honesty and self-esteem.
Good in combination with Amble Willowrose.

©Dirk Albrodt

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