Copper Beech - Peace, infinity, insight

Copper Beech - Blutbuche - Fagus sylvatica purpurea

handsome tree, 25-30 m high, dome-shaped, sometimes very large canopy; younger branches thin, at first pubescent, otherwise glabrous, smooth, reddish-brown; stem lead-gray and fairly smooth; leaves alternate, simple to oval; brown, male flowers in drooping clusters, red female flowers upright.
Distribution: Europe
Flowering time: April, May

Copper Beech

Keywords: death, emptiness, nothingness
Brief description: helps with dealing with the inevitable, for the good preparation for death, dying, knowledge of the higher sense of loss and death
Chakra: Crown chakra

Copper Beech

The essence

Copper Beech bears archetypal knowledge in itself - it is a refined Beech and is preferred in cemeteries. And there it belongs. The essence of the Copper Beech brings the mind to rest, it can be used as essence of meditation or in combination with Lotus or Magnolia. It gives us the insight that death always accompanies us, whereever and how young we may be. Death puts all the values we have accumulated, relationships we lead or injuries we suffered from into perspective, everything is as meaningful as meaningless in the face of death.

Copper Beech

Copper Beech helps us to find a state of mind, which enables us to see through the surface to the bottom, to overcome our pettiness and thus find true inner peace.

This essence is for everyone who wants to understand death, mourns the loss of a loved one, accompagnies a loved one on the last stretch towards death, and finally, all who want to transcen fear, parochialism and selfishness.

©Dirk Albrodt

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