Birch - Comfort and kindness

Birch - Birke - Betula pendula

10 - 25 m high, undemanding tree; slender trunk usually under 40 cm diameter; bark below furrowed, above smooth, white; young leaves pubescent, later glabrous; brownish male catkins, female green.
Distribution: Europe, Asia, America
Flowering time: April, May


Keywords: wisdom, patience, kindness, comfort, humor, maturity and inner peace
Short description: helps when you feel abandoned, vulnerable, alone, insecure and lack of grounding


The essence

Birch is the flower essence for people who feel small and helpless, lonely and alone, have lost the red thread of life and find it impossible to regain it. They are in need of help since they are unaware of their own strength.

Birch has the healing energy that can straighten you up internally. It gives access to internal resources and makes you feel safe and secure. The essence brings the serenity and inner distance that let us see our situation with wisdom, humor or irony. It mitigates the seriousness of the matter and assures us that we‘ll find the right solution.


The essence creates the feeling of a child who is comforted by his grandmother. She knows that everything will be all right, and above all she knows and lets you know, too: You can do it!

©Dirk Albrodt

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