Perennial Cornflower - Sensuality, sexuality, joyfulness

Perennial Cornflower - Bergflockenblume - Centaurea montana

perennial, up to 60cm high species of Centaurea; outer tubular flowers blue and fuzzy, purple heart, prefers humus-rich calcareous soil.
Distribution: Southern and Central Europe
Flowering time: May to October

Perennial Cornflower

Keywords: acceptance of self and others
Brief description: The joy of body and sensual expression, awareness and enjoyment of sexuality; acceptance of the body, sexuality and body awareness
Chakras: Basis, Sacral Chakra

Perennial Cornflower

The essence

Perennial Cornflower is the flower, you can use to heal negative attitudes towards one‘s own and others‘ sexuality. It helps to accept your sexuality and body.

Indications of Perennial Cornflower are: shame, fear of sexuality and sensuality, devaluation of sexuality, not a sufficient connection to the body and sexuality, restriction of body sensations and sensitivity.

Reasons for the denial or suppression of sexuality can be false, i.e. self-sabotaging morality, unfulfilled sexual desires and violent experiences in connection with sexuality. Sexual abuse regularly leads to trying to escape to the inside and reinforce the barriers.

Perennial Cornflower

This essence can make you aware of your body and sexuality, helps to satisfy your needs and enjoy being a sensual being with an open heart. You can learn to love your body and find it beautiful and treat yourself respectfully.

©Dirk Albrodt

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