Comfrey - Get rid of emotional baggage

Comfrey - Beinwell - Symphytum officinale

to 1 m tall, perennial, herbaceous flowering plant of the genus Symphytum in the borage family; whole plant hair; stems erect, hairy; up to 25cm long ovate to lance-shaped leaves; inflorescence nodding; flowers purple, pink purple or yellow, whitish; loves wet , nitrogen-containing soil.
Distribution: Europe, North America
Flowering time: May to September


Keywords: capability to act, stability, concentration
Short description: helps to acquire relationship skills and decision-making powers; learn with whom you want to get involved and with whom not; shed loads of past relationships and decisions.


The essence

Comfrey has the energy that allows to free yourself from a kind of emotional contamination, even if you are not aware of it. Such contamination can result from previous relationships, eg if you tend to idealize a person or situation in the past. Looking back you may color them nicely and regard them better than they actually were, even if you still carry injuries around caused by them.

This also applies to decisions that you once made, may the results have been pleasing or unpleasant. However today is a new day requiring a new decision. If you allow the past to determine the now, it does not always necessarily have to be a wise influence. Every decision has its particular time. If you copy former decisions and apply them to today‘s problems, the outcome can be less pleasant than hoped and expected.


That is what living in the here and now means: learn from the past - don‘t copy it. If you do not act and react in the present, but rather respond to earlier events, the results may be counterproductive. To tell the momentary partner what you should have told a former one, may inadvertently cause great damage. It demonstrates a certain lack of respect for the partner and may lead to new problems, which you can add to the ones you already carry around from the previous relationship. The burden becomes even heavier.

Comfrey relieves. The essence helps to throw off inner loads, act impartially and be able to respond to the present.
On a physical level the effects manifest by a feeling of relief, especially in the shoulder area. You feel relieved and it becomes easy to walk upright and be honest.

©Dirk Albrodt

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