Apple - The power flower

Apple - Apfelbaum - Malus domestica

1 - 15 m tall tree, which thrives in nutrient-rich soils; white flowers in clusters, on the outside pink, petals 1 - 2cm long.
Distribution: worldwide
Flowering time: April, May


Keywords: lightness, agility, vitality, wholeness
Short Description: for tired, sluggish and clumsy people, increases motivation and physical and mental energy
Energy: Yang energy
Chakras: Throat and Sacral
Acupuncture points: heart meridian 3; directing vessel 11 and 17


The essence

Apple flower essence is for the conversion of thoughts into action. It is a great motivator.
However thoughts of anger and bitter experiences can lead to an energetic imbalance in the body. An important indication for Apple is the belief that there is a shortage, that something is missing to be happy. This keeps you from being aware of your resources.


Confidence in your capabilities, skills and resources on the other hand can get you into a high-energy state. Energy deficiency leads to sluggishness, an abundance of energy to optimism and motivation. This flower essence can be used for longer-term disturbances and prolonged resentment and bitterness, if you dissatisfied with yourself, your body, and above all with your skin. Apple reloads your self-healing powers and stimulates your desire for health.

©Dirk Albrodt

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